Many different types of data were collected, used, and generated during the course of this project. This data was collected from completed mail and on-line surveys, interviews, field notes, and a geographic information system. Some of the data collected included names, addresses, and locations of organizations conducting or facilitating watershed monitoring and the places where that monitoring is occurring.

In order to protect the confidentiality of participants in this study, the names of individual people who were surveyed or interviewed will always remain confidential. And, for each private organization surveyed or interviewed, the respondent must give researchers prior permission in order to use the name of the organization in any public documentation about water monitoring activities. This excludes federal and state agencies.

All of this data will be retained securely for three years after the publication of research findings at the primary researchers’ current institution, and then destroyed. For more complete details on the specific measures that are being taken to protect the confidentiality of project participants please see our Data Management Plan.